Presenting The One And Only HOLLE THEE MAXWELL

Holle Thee Maxwell was born on October 17,  1945 as HOLLE THEE MARCLA RODE’ MAXWELL. She recorded singles under the name “Holly Maxwell” in the 1960s-1970s for the record labels Constellation, Curtis Mayfield’s Curtom Records, Smit-Whit, and Star. Her songs such as “Only When You’re Lonely”, “One Thin Dime”, “Never Love Again”, “Suffer”, “Philly Barracuda” were regional hits across the country.

Holle Thee  sang her first song professionally at the age of 5, studied classical voice and piano at the age of 9, , and graduated with degrees from both The Chicago Musical College at Roosevelt University and The Julliard School in New York City.

Holle is an accomplished songwriter as well as an incredible singer. Blues superstar, Bobby “Blue” Bland covered one of her songs on his critically acclaimed album Come Fly With Me.

In addition to singing soul, rock, jazz, country and blues, Holle also sings in French, German and Italian. From opera, to “Thee” blues (as she likes to call it), Holle Thee Maxwell can sing it all in a way that is distinctly “Holle”.

Holle recorded with jazz great Jimmy Smith, and replaced Tina Turner in the Ike Turner’s band. Holle also worked with The Temptations,  Johnny Taylor,  The Spinners, The Dells,  Fred Williamson, Captain and Tenille, Reynaldo Rey and many others.  Sammy Davis Jr., Redd Foxx, Sydney Poitier, Isaac Hayes, KoKo Taylor, Archie More, Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammed Ali,  Slappy White, Lou Gossett Jr., King Curtis and others have all been fans of Holle Thee Maxwell.

Holle’s performances will not disappoint. Her recent performance at the Chicago Blues Festival in 2009  Time Out Chicago asked: “Would you expect any less from a lady who once danced on tables at a high-school cafeteria to promote her latest record?”



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